Do you mind the occasional f*bomb?

I have to ask because some people do mind.

I swear in person. Online. In my writing. It's one of my dark values. It's not excessive. It's for emphasis, not for insults. But, I do want to respect you by letting you know that signing up to this mailing list means you're going to receive some well-articulated goodness, learn loads, laugh and read the occasional f*bomb. 

Goodness in the form of the inside-of-my-brain kind. The inner workings. 

You'll learn about yourself. I'm forever teaching something. And, even though I'm no longer actively working as a coach, the coach in me never turns off.

In my career I'm now a COO of a software development company and Global Marketing & Communications Manager for a coaching platform, I identify here as a feeler, thinker and writer. Whether it's about emotional intelligence, communication, mental wellbeing, psychology, sociology, neuroscience, problem-solving, life hacks, you name it, you'll learn something that'll help you be a better human because that's the journey that I'm on. It's usually by sharing own fuck-ups that you'll learn the most, and feel a lot better about yourself. 

And there we have it. My first f* bomb. Did you survive? Then you should probably subscribe now.

See you on the inside, m'luv,

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